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Adopting a Greyhound is a long-term commitment... ten or more wonderful years! Before filling out an application, please take time to seriously think over your decision. We are looking for adopters who will take these beautiful dogs into their homes as a permanent member of their family. Life changes do occur that are unforeseen at the time of adoption, and all too often, the dogs are returned as a result. However, you should consider that your Greyhound, as a member of your family, will always be included in whatever life adjustments are necessary.

In addition, it is possible that your Greyhound may get sick or have behavioral issues that you must deal with. This is part of your commitment as an adopter. Your dog is your priority. We know that in some situations, it is absolutely in the best interest of all to return the dog to the adoption group to be re-homed. You must understand, however, that as adaptable as Greyhounds are, it is very hard on them to be removed from their home and family after several months or years and made to readjust to a new living situation. If after careful consideration you decide to adopt a Greyhound, know that you are giving yourself and your new Greyhound the chance of having a long and happy relationship.

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Black is such a nice boy!  He has become the favorite with all the employees
at Foley Blvd Animal Hospital.  He's got a beautiful, glossy black coat.  Black 
weighs 71 pounds.  He is 3 years old.  His racing name is JK Black. 
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Bodin does very well in his kennel.  He is very well mannered and loves people.  He currently lives with 4 cats and a puppy.
Bodin loves his toys and bones. He loves to run in the snow and make snow tunnels.........goofy :-)

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Cash is still a youngster at 1.5 years old.  He is a beautiful red color.  His racing name is Coyote Cash.

68 compact pounds of constantly talking, dark red, curiosity, that is Coyote
Cash.  It is hard to catch him being still and far enough away to photograph. 
In the house, He listens well, and comes when called, he is always ready to go
for a walk.  Outside, he is curious and willing to leave his scent on
everything!  He settles down quickly, is a good walker, and is learning to walk
under leashes rather than through or over them.

Cash independently hops in his kennel when it is time to eat.  He thinks meal
time is the best, and treats are fabulous. 

Cash is the most vocal greyhound I have ever fostered.  He whines, whimpers,
snorts, howls, yodels, and even barks!  Most of his vocalizations are in
response to environmental stimuli, and to communicate a need or want, and some
are to alert everyone to an unfamiliar or novel sound.  Cash will look you in
the eye when he vocalizes, and he has walked across the room to talk to one of
the resident hounds. 

In the morning, when I have to leave, after being put in his kennel, he
vocalizes,  he can make some very sad mournful sounds!  However,  he settles
down pretty quickly if ignored. About 5 minutes later, I leave when he is quiet. 
Granted he has only been here for a few days, but he has not had an accident in
his kennel, and he has had some long days in his kennel. 

Coyote Cash is a sweet pup looking for a responsible, loving home to call his
own.  He will provide lots of love, and, I predict, quite a few chuckles to some
lucky adopter.

Call if you are interested
Cash says, "Call me we can talk."

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Charm is a black and white boy who will be 4 in October.  His racing name is Charmed Im Sure.

Fannie PDF Print E-mail

Fannie is full sister to Shelly.  Fannie is 6.5 years old and she weighs 61 pounds.  Fannie run a total of 148 races.  Her racing name is Jimmy's Crew.
Fantastik PDF Print E-mail

Fantastik!   Enough said!   This guy is a real head turner.  He is 3.5 years old and he weighs 72 pounds.
His racing name is Iruska Fantastik.
Furry PDF Print E-mail

Furry is a handsome brindle boy.  He is only 63 pounds and he is 3 years old.  His racing name is KC Furry Bound.
Liberty PDF Print E-mail

Liberty is a 7 year old champagne colored boy.  Liberty does have home experience.
Please contact NLGA for more information.

               ADOPTION PENDING
Megan PDF Print E-mail

Moneta PDF Print E-mail

Moneta is one happy tail wagging little girl.  This cute girl is 3.5 years old.  Her racing name is
PG Moneta
Renee PDF Print E-mail
Rosie PDF Print E-mail

Rosie is here!  This little princess is about 9 months old.  She is darling :)

Shelly PDF Print E-mail

Shelly is full sister to Fannie.  Shelly is 6.5 years old and she weighs 64 pounds.  Her racing name is Shelly's Crew.  Shelly has 113 races under belt!
Sweetie PDF Print E-mail

Sweetie is here!  Racing name is LK Sweetums.  This lovely brindle girl is 7.5 years old.
Her name is very fitting.  She loves to be loved.  Sweetie is 60 pounds
Syler PDF Print E-mail

Sy coming soon to NLGA!

Syler is a very lovable and beautiful BIG GUY! He is very cat safe and child safe. When taken for walks, the children in the neighborhood come running. They call him a "pony". Sy is often confused as being a Great Dane!  He loves his long walks! He is confident to be an only dog, but would welcome a buddy. He also gets along with other breeds, but not too fond of very small dogs. They make him nervous.
Most important about Sy is he is very affectionate. He loves being loved on. Just a great dog!
Syler is 8 years old.
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Wendy PDF Print E-mail

Wendy is a beautiful brindle girl!  Sweet and friendly.  Her racing name is Joe's Hellfire.

                   ADOPTION PENDING
Zach PDF Print E-mail
Zach is another one of our really good looking boys.  He is currently recovering from a racing injury and is doing really well!  Zach is 2 years old.  His racing name is Zach Man.

                         ADOPTION PENDING
Zipper PDF Print E-mail

Zipper is a big handsome brindle boy!  Zipper is 1. 5 years old. Zipper is a very fun pup.
He can be a bit silly at times.  His foster sisters think he's the best!  They are always
ready for a play session.  Zipper loves to go on walks.  He enjoys mealtime.  He sleeps well
and crates without a problem.  This good looking boy is looking for a fun family to call his own.

                              ADOPTION PENDING

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The Katurah Fund has been set up to allow online donations for that “found” greyhound that needs veterinary care, a reward to a person or persons that assisted in bringing the lost greyhound home, or any special cause or hound that NLGA has determined needs financial assistance.  Simply click on the “Donate” button at the top of any page, click The Katurah Fund in the dropdown and donate to the cause of your choice!! Learn more...


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