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Adopting a Greyhound is a long-term commitment... ten or more wonderful years! Before filling out an application, please take time to seriously think over your decision. We are looking for adopters who will take these beautiful dogs into their homes as a permanent member of their family. Life changes do occur that are unforeseen at the time of adoption, and all too often, the dogs are returned as a result. However, you should consider that your Greyhound, as a member of your family, will always be included in whatever life adjustments are necessary.

In addition, it is possible that your Greyhound may get sick or have behavioral issues that you must deal with. This is part of your commitment as an adopter. Your dog is your priority. We know that in some situations, it is absolutely in the best interest of all to return the dog to the adoption group to be re-homed. You must understand, however, that as adaptable as Greyhounds are, it is very hard on them to be removed from their home and family after several months or years and made to readjust to a new living situation. If after careful consideration you decide to adopt a Greyhound, know that you are giving yourself and your new Greyhound the chance of having a long and happy relationship.

Angel PDF Print E-mail

Angel is a really cute brindle girl.  She is very happy!  Angel is going to be 5 in December.
Her racing name is Joe's Hellfire.

Blackie PDF Print E-mail

Blackie is a youngster, he is just over a year old.  He weighs 72 pounds.
Charm PDF Print E-mail

Charm...............yes, we have another Charm!  His racing name is Looks Like Charm, and yes he does!!
Charm is 1.5 years old. 
Charm PDF Print E-mail

Charm is a black and white boy who will be 4 in October.  His racing name is Charmed Im Sure.

                ADOPTION PENDING                   
Cliff PDF Print E-mail

Cliff is a beautiful boy!  He is 2.5 years old and he weighs 73 pounds.  His racing name is Fiscal Cliff.
Cliff loves his toys, he is very cute with a sweet personality to match.  He will bark if someone comes to the door.  Guess he didn't get the message that greyhounds don't bark!
Diesel PDF Print E-mail

Diesel is quite the boy!  He is 3 years old and he weighs 82 pounds.  His racing name is Go Lucky Diesel.
Diesel is a big baby boy with silly, floppy ears.   He loves attention and loves to play and has a wonderful personality.  He loves his treat and chews, and is a very good eater.
Handful PDF Print E-mail

Handful..............it doesn't get any sweeter than this pretty girl.  Handful will be 7 in November.
Handful is a playful sweet girl.  She is quite affectionate.  

Here is an update from Handfuls' foster family.

"Handful is the complete opposite of her name! She is the sweetest dog. She doesn't go up on the couch so she'll come up to you for rubs, kisses and hugs.  She loves going for car rides and walks and never tugs on the leash- but is always on the lookout for squirrels and bunnies. She is fully house trained and crate trained. She can be left alone with the kennel open. She loves soft treats and milk bones. She's still learning to play. We have brought her around other people and toddlers/babies. She tends to avoid little kids and goes in her kennel but is fine with adults. Have not brought her around small dogs but she gets along with the neighbor dogs just fine. Handful would be a great addition to your home!"

Harry PDF Print E-mail

Harry is a beautiful boy!  He is going to be 3 years old in November.  He weighs 70 pounds.
His racing name is Braska Hakan. 
Lad PDF Print E-mail

Lad is quite the happy boy.  Outgoing and very friendly.  His racing name is Lucky Lad.
He is 4.5 years old and he weighs 73 pounds.
Lad is a pretty cool boy! So sweet, affectionate, REALLY smart and well-behaved.  Lad is a good eater,
good sleeper, has not had any accidents.  He is quite the gentleman.  He does some tugging when on a walk.
We hope someone grabs him up soon. He's a pretty special boy!
Lady PDF Print E-mail
Pep Boy PDF Print E-mail

Play PDF Print E-mail

Play is a really cute boy!  He just had his 3rd Birthday!  Play weighs 71 pounds, and his racing name is DK's Game Play.
Remmy PDF Print E-mail

Remmy is a super cute smaller boy.  He has a great face with black highlights.
Remmy can be a bit shy, but has a ton of potential when he figures out that
life is not that scary!  He is only 61 pounds and he is 2 years old.  His racing
name is JC's Redemption.

Sara PDF Print E-mail

Sara is a cutie.  She will be 2 on October 17th.  Her racing name is Ok Sara.
Tucker PDF Print E-mail

Tucker is here!  This is a stunning guy and he is a wonderful red brindle.  tucker is 3 years old and he weighs 74 pounds.  His racing name is Chase Highlander.

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Katurah Fund allows Donations to Special Hounds
The Katurah Fund has been set up to allow online donations for that “found” greyhound that needs veterinary care, a reward to a person or persons that assisted in bringing the lost greyhound home, or any special cause or hound that NLGA has determined needs financial assistance.  Simply click on the “Donate” button at the top of any page, click The Katurah Fund in the dropdown and donate to the cause of your choice!! Learn more...


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