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Ron Gardenhire

Ron Gardenhire of the Minnesota Twins endorses Northern Lights Greyhound Adoption.

"I love these dogs!"


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Thank You to the Following Businesses and Individuals for Sponsoring the 2014 NLGA Annual Picnic

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Dick Radomile
Ozzie & Harriett Radomile
Stones Throw Gallery
Zeke and in loving memory of Diego (2002 - 2012)
Maplewood Podiatry
Fancy (Ryan, Susan, Kaitlyn & Jack Carroll)
Reese Orthodontics
Mai Thai Restaurant
In honor of Echo and in Memory of Ruby
Perro Creek Tavern

Lori Jane and Daisy Lu
Joe T Greyhound, Charlie Bear, amd Angel Daisy
I Love my Roofus Goofus – thanks NLGA!
Okie Kordell
Constantine Aurelius
Killian, Max, and Annie
Bill and Yvonne Long
Bree and Bay Long
The Petska’s
JD She Dancin’
Miss Sonya
Beth and Lucy
Rounder and his Family
Jay & Lulu Sulawske
Dudley & Emma Sulawske
Harry and Reggie Sulawske
Trouble-maker Copy and handsome man Tahoe
Otis Hamner
Chita and Moose Johnson
The Jammer Girls - Shirlie & Kaya
Jazz & Callie
Boogie, Dana & 2-Legged Siblings Luca and Eva
In Memory of Mia, Slim & Susan Gaiser of G.O.
Sophie & the Little Slice of Heaven Barr
Penny Punch "My Lucky Penny" 7/13/01 - 8/7/14
Mallory - Leslie - Norman - Surge - Moose - John Empson
The Graber Family
Katie Gilstrap and the Hoofhounds
Julie Wiirsing & Ruby Roo
In memory of Trixie (Tim and Diane Anderson)

For Mindy, Maggie, Bisquit, Indy, and Daisy
George & Lisa Perovich and Boone
Atombom Conner
O Ya Wildfire
Sadie (Flying Nancy)
Cooper and parents Sharon & Bob Earl
 In honor of Charm (waiting for his forever home)
In honor of Jake (waiting for his forever home)
In honor of Bubbles (waiting for her forever home)
In honor of Donna (waiting for her forever home)
Danger and Moneta Armstrong (and their Mom, Jess)

The Swankier Family In Memory of Tim (2001-2014)

In honor of Fred (waiting for his forever family)
Patty, Peter & Phil Walker - Tiki Time (2012)
Brandon and the McEnery Family
Boss and Minnie
In honor of Bukhan (waiting for his forever family)
In honor of Play (waiting for his forever family)
In honor of Rita (waiting for her forever family)
In honor of Tucker (waiting for his forever family)
Raleigh, Leo and Gracie
Jace & Elisabeth Ruby and DKC Quartz

The 2015 NLGA Calendar Photo Collection Begins!

      Here’s a Guide to get GREAT Shots of your Grey:

All our Hound(s) pictures are precious. Let’s face it, these ladies and gents are just darn cute! We’d like you to consider sharing your favorite shots so as many as possible can be included in the upcoming 2015 NLGA calendar.

But we need your help to make 2015 another success. And we especially need pics that can be used for the cover and top of each month.

 In past years we’ve received some fabulous shots, only to discover they were very small pictures when we opened the files. Nothing can be done to make a small digital image larger. For those new to digital imaging, a picture is made up of blocks of information called “Pixels”. There is a finite amount of these blocks in any digital image. The fewer blocks, the less information a computer reads. A large picture can be made smaller, but not the reverse. That’s why you sometimes see an image turn into a bunch of “squares”. A guide for a full page image – each month’s top page – is 3600 pixels wide by 2700 pixels high.

Ideally, a digital camera, with the highest resolution setting selected, is best.  The pics can be blown-up or sized down. However, many people don’t have regular digital cameras, relying on their phones. Let’s face it, they’re always with you and available for that cute, unexpected shot. We suggest setting the phone’s camera to its highest settings, if possible, and send directly to us. Don’t edit the photos in any way. If you have any questions, send a “test” pic to us, and we can look at it, and get back to you. This doesn’t guarantee every picture will make top page consideration, but we’ll have more leverage to work with other page layouts.

Most importantly, we need all of you to consider showing off those fabulous hounds!

We hope this information gives you some understanding what’s required for this year’s calendar. You will again be voting for the large monthly photos at the NLGA Annual Picnic, September 13. Please consider this advice so we have many great choices for the vote—and to include in the rest of the calendar.

E-mail your pictures—and any questions—to Sandy Jammer (612-201-5567),, or Marge Cook (651-261-1868),

Mission Statement
We're a nonprofit group of volunteers dedicated to finding responsible homes for retired racing greyhounds and educating the public about greyhounds as pets.

We have been placing these faithful, loving and wonderful companions for over 17 years. In that time we have found homes for over 1,300 dogs. Our experienced adoption coordinators will work closely with you to find the perfect pet. We'll help you find out if a greyhound is the right breed for you, your family and your lifestyle.

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Katurah Fund allows Donations to Special Hounds
The Katurah Fund has been set up to allow online donations for that “found” greyhound that needs veterinary care, a reward to a person or persons that assisted in bringing the lost greyhound home, or any special cause or hound that NLGA has determined needs financial assistance.  Simply click on the “Donate” button at the top of any page, click The Katurah Fund in the dropdown and donate to the cause of your choice!! Learn more...


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